Storm Damage Zionsville

Tree Damage Indianapolis

Tree Damage Indianapolis

When a powerful storm or natural disaster strikes the Indianapolis area, it can leave behind a trail of destruction and chaos. One of the most common forms of damage that occurs is to trees. Whether it’s fallen branches or fully uprooted trees, this type of damage can create hazardous and stressful situations for local home and business owners. 

That’s where Michaelis Corp comes in. For more than 40 years, our team of experienced contractors has been helping individuals and businesses recover from tree damage caused by disasters like storms, high winds, and tornadoes. Let us put our expertise to work for you. For non-emergency assistance, you can reach us via email at [email protected]. If you need immediate support, feel free to give us a call 24/7 at 1-844-FIX-INDY.

How Michaelis Can Help with Tree Damage in Indianapolis

If you’ve experienced property damage caused by a fallen tree or branches, you’ve come to the right place. Here’s how Michaelis can help you recover from Indianapolis tree damage:

A Comprehensive Assessment

The first step to recovering from property damage caused by falling trees or branches is to assess the extent of the damage. At Michaelis Corp, our trained professionals will conduct a comprehensive assessment that includes:

Initial Safety Inspection:

  • Ensuring that the site is safe for entry and assessment.
  • Checking for any immediate hazards like downed power lines, gas leaks, or structural instability.

Structural Damage Assessment:

  • Evaluating the extent of damage to the house’s structure, including the roof, walls, and foundation.
  • Identifying areas that may be at risk of collapse or further damage.

Roof and Exterior Inspection:

  • Checking the roof for punctures, tears, or collapsed sections.
  • Inspecting gutters, windows, and external features for damage.

Interior Inspection:

  • Assessing the damage to the interior of the house, including ceilings, walls, and floors.
  • Looking for water damage, especially if the tree caused roof or wall breaches.

Utility Checks:

  • Inspecting electrical systems, plumbing, heating, and cooling systems for damage.
  • Ensuring all utilities are safe to use or identifying the need for repairs.

Tree and Debris Assessment:

  • Evaluating the condition of the fallen tree and any associated debris.
  • Determining the complexity of tree removal and cleanup.

Photographic Documentation:

  • Taking detailed photos of all damages for insurance claims and repair planning.

Report Generation:

  • Creating a detailed report outlining the extent of the damage, potential repair needs, and estimated costs.

Consultation and Recommendations:

  • Discussing findings with the homeowner.
  • Recommending immediate safety measures and a plan for repairs.
  • Advising on potential temporary housing if necessary.

Tree Removal

After a storm, tree removal becomes a necessity but is a task laden with risk. Michaelis Corp recognizes this and operates under a safety-first policy. Our team, proficient with the latest tools and techniques, adhere to strict safety procedures, ensuring tree removal happens with minimal risk and maximum efficiency. 

Insurance Claims Assistance

Taking on the aftermath of Indianapolis tree damage is not just about making repairs; it also includes dealing with insurance companies and filling out paperwork. This can feel like a heavy burden, especially when you’re trying to get your life back in order.

That’s where Michaelis Corp steps in to lighten your load. We go beyond physical recovery by offering comprehensive insurance claims assistance. Our team interacts with your insurance company, ensuring all necessary documentation and details are provided. Our team will help streamline the paperwork process and work with the insurance company to get your claim taken care of quickly and efficiently. 

Structural Repair

Post-storm tree damage can cause significant harm to your Indianapolis home or business. At Michaelis Corp, we specialize in structural repair, tackling everything from minor fixes to extensive restoration projects. 

Shattered windows? Damaged roofing? Impacted siding? We have you covered. 

Our mission is to restore your property back to its pre-damage state. We put our heart and soul into our work, making sure every repair or renovation is executed with precision, excellence, and an unwavering focus on detail. Let us turn this stressful disruption into a smooth recovery, reinstating your property to its former glory.

Full-Service Tree Damage Repair in Indianapolis

Recovering from Indianapolis tree damage doesn’t have to be overwhelming. With Michaelis Corp, you have a trusted partner ready to guide you through each step, turning a stressful situation into a hassle-free recovery process. For emergencies, you can contact us at any time, 7 days a week by calling 1-844-FIX-INDY. For non-emergency situations, we’re just an email away at [email protected]. Remember, at Michaelis Corp, your recovery is our mission. No matter the disaster, we’re here to help.