Fire Damage

Where there's smoke.
There's Michaelis.

Having a home or business fire is scary stuff. And the stuff that comes next can also be emotionally unsettling. Like seeing what you’ve built, laying in ashes. Or coming to grips with family keepsakes and belongings being destroyed. At Michaelis, facing this is not our favorite day on the job. We reserve that for the look on your family’s face when you see your home or business has been restored. Because your spirit will have been restored with it. Now that is a beautiful day.

And it’s what we promise if you entrust us with the privilege of rebuilding your home or business after a fire. Because while some may say “it’s just a building”, we realize it’s not just a building to you. Deep down we know it’s much more. We understand that within those walls you nurtured children, dreams, and futures. And to see that go up in smoke is heart-wrenching. Fortunately, where there’s smoke … there’s Michaelis. Our crews usually roll-in, before the fire hoses are rolled up. Our proven process of water extraction, smoke removal, and content storage will calm your nerves. Then our talented craftsmen will rebuild your home or business. And with it, your spirits.

Your Anxiety Is Right In Our Wheelhouse:

No one in this area has more experience with reconstruction after home or business fires.Decades of knowledge and expertise working with insurance companies on behalf of the policyholder.Proven method of contents removal, cleaning, deodorizing and storage.

What our clients say

Tanita G in Indianapolis, IN 46226

An awesome group to work with. They went above and beyond my expectations. Wonderful job!!

Lauren K in Indianapolis, IN 46236

We made our last payment to Michaelis Corporation this week and have been in our house about a month now. This past year was at times super overwhelming and not anything I think we could have prepared for. However we are so happy to be back home, back in our routines and incredibly blessed that Michaelis Corporation was called for us while out of town when the fire happened. We ultimately went with them to assist with our long journey due to the compassion we felt immediately and their above and beyond customer service. Prior to making the official commitment with them they had an employee out to help dig our cars out for insurance purposes. Our contractor Dave was always available and allowed us to be hands on at all times! This was a difficult time but everyone involved made it so much easier. Originally everyone told us to expect to be out for a year and they had us back in within 9 months. While I hope no one ever needs their services as they mostly do restoration due to fire/water/mold damage, if you do they come HIGHLY recommended!