When Water Damage Strikes, Michaelis Springs Into Action

Indianapolis resident Jennifer and many of her neighbors have long trusted Michaelis with their construction, renovation and restoration needs. So when Jennifer’s home sustained water damage, she knew just who to call.

“They were the first company that came to mind,” she said.

Jennifer’s call came to Michaelis following a storm. Pouring rain had filled one of her home’s window wells with water, and when the window gave way, water and debris rushed into the basement. While the damage was thankfully confined to an unfinished portion of the basement with two floor drains, Jennifer still had quite the mess on her hands, with water, dirt and debris blanketing the floor – and a broken window, to boot.

After promptly returning her call, Jennifer said, a Michaelis team member arrived at her home within just a few hours.

“I certainly wasn’t expecting that,” Jennifer noted, saying she hoped to be able to get a service call within a few days.

The Michaelis team arrived and set to work removing the water and meticulously clearing the floor of all dirt and debris. They erected a temporary barrier in the window frame to protect the home from the elements while the dry-out took place. And then they strategically positioned industrial dehumidifiers and fans around Jennifer’s basement. Over the next couple days, the equipment ran around the clock to ensure a thorough dry-out of the space.

“The goal was to get her basement dried out, but also prevent further structural damage – things like dry rot fungus, mold and damage to areas that weren’t previously damaged,” said Chris Rowe, who served as Jennifer’s Michaelis project manager. “Concrete is very porous. If the humidity stays high, there’s a risk of mold growth, especially in an unfinished area. It can grow really quickly, and that’s why we want to make sure it’s totally dry.”

The Michaelis team’s sophisticated and systematic approach to the dry-out left an impression on Jennifer.

“It’s just amazing how much they know,” she said. “I didn’t realize there was a science to water clean-up.”

“There definitely is,” Chris explained. “We use high-velocity air movers to promote evaporation, which gets the moisture out of the building materials into the air, and then our dehumidifiers expel the moisture from the air. We take an atmospheric reading to measure and track the amount of moisture in the air over the five-day average dry-out period.”

Once the dry-out was complete and the rainwater had completely dissipated, the team worked “nonstop,” Jennifer said, to replace the broken window – and in the process, ended up leaving her property in better shape than it was before the damage. This left Jennifer impressed not only with the team’s level of expertise, but also the level of care they put into the work.

“Their attention to detail is unprecedented. They treat the property as if it’s their own and go above and beyond,” she said. “They definitely care about the customer.”

What’s more, Jennifer shared, the work the Michaelis team did was of a quality meant to stand the test of time.

“It was phenomenal, and we haven’t had a problem since,” she continued. “Their workmanship did the job.”

Jennifer says that after her experiences with the company, she would recommend Michaelis to family, friends and neighbors.

“It’s comforting to know that they’re there,” Jennifer said. “They’re experts in their field, and you can be confident that they’ll be there when they say they will, especially in emergency situations.

“They have their staff ready for emergencies,” she continued. “They know it’s a dire situation, and they know exactly what to do as soon as they walk into your house. As soon as they see the problem, they know exactly how they’re going to solve it.”