Stepping in to Complete a Job Well Undone

At the start of the COVID-19 shutdown, Cheryl Sturges and her husband had their grown children over for a movie night in their basement. Little did they know it would be the start of a massive headache.

“It was nearing time to go to bed, and my daughter’s fiancé was walking around in socks and said, ‘this is wet’,” she recalls.

Cheryl traced the water to the adjacent bedroom which was furnished with a plush frieze carpet.

“It was so thick we had to trim the bedroom doors to fit the carpet when we installed it. [When I went in there], it sounded like you were crunching through snow. That’s how much water had soaked through the carpet and padding,” she says.

Cheryl began panicking. It was 11 o’clock at night, and for the past three weeks, the Sturgeses had had an outdoor kitchen project underway in their backyard. She feared the crew had cut an irrigation hose or sewage line and this was three weeks’ worth of water in her basement.

“I did a Google search and found a company with great ratings and reviews. I called 2-3 companies but chose them because they could do everything – the clean up and repairs. So they came out and did all of the remediation, but they never came back to do the repairs. They cut all the drywall, removed the water, protected the custom baseboards, and I never saw them again.”

After weeks of calling for information and next steps, Cheryl gave up. That’s when she called Michaelis.

“The ball was moving very quickly from then on,” she explains. “Rick came out and assessed the issue, and then Eddie started managing everything. It’s been smooth sailing.”

“She was in a little bit of a hole with how things were left,” says Eddie Gonzalez, Cheryl’s Michaelis project manager. “The biggest challenge from the start was the carpet that was left in there. You opened the bed room door and it stunk. It’s important to me that I’m a hands-on project manager, so the first thing I did was I tore out the carpet myself. We got the smell contained pretty quickly.”

Eddie’s team then repaired all the drywall, reinstalled her custom baseboards, ordered the new carpet and painted the room.

“When we come into a home, it’s horrible for them to have their place torn up in the first place,” Eddie says. “So we need to make everything right for them. They just want it done, and they deserve the best. Every job I get and do, I take care of it like it’s my own home. I like them to be well taken care of.”

Most importantly, Cheryl says Eddie kept her updated and informed, a welcome change from her experience with the past company.

“When he came out to double check the work of his team, he was smiling ear-to-ear,” Cheryl recalls. “He was so pleased that it looked like a brand new space. He stood out from the crowd because he took the time to come and inspect and make sure everything was right. That should be standard, but it felt like he went above and beyond after all we’d been through.”

“I would definitely recommend Michaelis,” she continued. ‘I cannot say enough at how well-oiled the company is. They’re so professional, the communication was incredible.”