Squish, Squish, Squish

Lynda and her husband had been in their new home for less than month when she noticed something troublesome. “I walked over to the corner of our den and I felt squish, squish, squish,” she said. “Our carpeting was all wet and the baseboard was stained.”

Lynda called the broker who sold the couple their home, and he recommended Michaelis. “We called Michaelis, they came to our home immediately and got to work,” Lynda said.

The first step in the three-week long repair process was fixing the leaks in the foundation. Then Michaelis addressed the water damage, drying everything out and replacing the drywall. They installed a sump pump and checked for asbestos before reconstructing the room in its entirety, including restoring floorboards and painting.

“It is an older home, so it was a pretty complicated job,” Lynda said. “Michaelis gave us a lifetime guarantee on our foundation repair, which was important because of the way the house was built.”

Throughout the process, Lynda said she was impressed with the level of professionalism and attention to detail Michaelis provided.

“Our feeling is that Michaelis has done a very good job of screening the subcontractors they work with,” she said. “We’ve been very impressed with every tradesperson we’ve had in our home. They have been courteous, efficient and careful to leave our house in the same manner they found it.”

A short time later, the shower in Lynda’s master bathroom sprung a leak. She called Michaelis again, and they are currently addressing that issue.

“One strength of Michaelis is their ability to identify the problem and get the best contractors in place to fix the problem,” Lynda said. “We hope we don’t need work done again, but if we do, we know who to call!”