Rebuilding After a Massive Fire

Kyle and his wife Lauren were on an anniversary trip to Florida last October when they received a devastating late-night phone call.

Electrical wiring in their attic had caused a massive fire, resulting in substantial damage. “The insurance company considered it a total loss,” Kyle said. “We lost every item in every room in our home.”

The fire department initially contacted Michaelis Corporation to come and secure the couple’s residence. After filing a claim with insurance, it was time to select a contractor. Kyle and Lauren talked with Michaelis and three other companies and sought feedback from friends and family in the industry.

“The reason we went with Michaelis is that they were the only ones who seemed empathetic to our situation,” Kyle said. “The other companies were pushy – they saw it as a big project. Richard Michaelis was compassionate and kind and told us to contact him if there was anything we needed.”

Choosing Michaelis was the first step on a long road to returning to their home. Workers removed trash and debris, even helping the couple dig their cars out of the garage to have them towed. After cleanup was complete, project manager Dave Doyle took over.

“Dave was our guy for the rest of the process,” Kyle said. “We could call him anytime day or night and he would pick up or get back to us immediately with answers.”

Kyle said he was impressed with the rest of the Michaelis team, too.

“The employees were courteous and professional, and their attention to detail was unsurpassed,” he said. “They went above and beyond for us. They felt like family by the end of it.”

The couple returned to their home in July, ending a nine-month journey.

“Everyone we talked to who had been in our situation or knew of people who had been in our situation said expect to be out of your house for a year or longer, expect lots of arguments with your contractor,” Kyle said. “We had no issues at all with Michaelis. They kept constant lines of communication open and did an A+ job.”

Kyle said their awful situation was made easier because of Michaelis.

“Every opportunity we get, we recommend them to family and friends.”