One Job With Michaelis Leads to Another

The first step of Jody Chandler’s planned basement remodel was to have the space waterproofed. She searched online and called a few companies; Michaelis Corporation was one of the few that responded.

Jody was impressed with Michaelis’s thoroughness from the start.

“They came out to explain the job and how they priced, what the job would entail and how long it would take,” she said. “I had researched how much internal waterproofing should cost, and Michaelis’s estimate came in right on target.”

First, the Michaelis team dug a two-foot-wide trench around the perimeter of the basement. After jackhammering into the cement, the crew carried the pieces up and out of the house.

“Eight hours up and down the basement stairs with five-gallon buckets of concrete,” said Jody. “It was amazing. They worked nonstop.”

Next, Michaelis laid gravel and piping to lead to the sump pump and recemented the floor. The job took two days, which was “exactly how long they said it would take,” Jody said. “I didn’t think they could possibly finish in two days, but they did.”

She said the crew was extremely professional, showing up right on time and leaving the space so clean it was hard to tell they had been there.

“When people do work on your house, you don’t know what kind of experience it will be,” Jody said. “But it was great, start to finish.”

In fact, she was so impressed with Michaelis that she and her husband hired them to do their basement remodel, as well.

“Michaelis is a one-stop shop, and that makes it really convenient for our customers,” explained Michaelis General Manager Bill Verhonik. “From repair to remodel, once a customer hires us, we handle every element of the project from start to finish. The only decision they have to make is choosing the paint colors or flooring.”

“With Michaelis, there were no surprises,” Jody said. “They were accurate with their estimate and what the job would entail. That’s why I felt comfortable hiring them for our remodel, too.”