No Matter the Cost, Michaelis Makes it Right

 Michaelis doesn’t always get it right the first time.

That was the case with Scott and his wife, who had a mystery leak causing damage inside their home.

“Bill [Verhonik] brought his team out, and we spent a whole lot of time over a period of several years diagnosing the problem,” Scott said. “It got to the point where we didn’t know what to do.”

Each time the leak happened, the Michaelis team would investigate and repair what they thought was causing the issue and fix the interior damage. But sooner or later, the leak would return.

“We were all frustrated by our inability to identify the problem,” Scott said. Eventually, he and his wife decided to pay for a water pressure test out of pocket to determine the source.

They discovered the problem stemmed from damage Michaelis had unknowingly caused several years earlier. After a storm, the couple had contacted Michaelis to reattach shutters on the front of their home. An error in the mounting process allowed water to come through a hole in the brick and run into the façade of the house, through the garage and into the interior.

“We were looking at flashing, shingle issues, sealant issues,” Scott said. “We never really considered what was behind the shutters.”

Scott said he was cognizant of the time and money Michaelis had already invested in the project, so he wanted to make sure that was where the leak was originating. He tested it himself and then called Michaelis.

“From that point, Michaelis stepped up and honored the fact that it had been traced to work they performed,” Scott said. “Bill did the honorable thing. He stuck with the warranty, saw the project through and worked to correct it.” Michaelis also covered the cost of the water pressure test.

Once the problem was identified, it was fixed quickly and there have not been any more issues. Scott said he appreciated Michaelis’ commitment to sticking to it and resolving the issue, no matter the time it took.

“In my line of work, things often don’t work perfectly the first time,” Scott said. “My colleagues and I pride ourselves on never walking away from a job. It’s nice to work with another company who operates the same way.”

Scott said he would not hesitate to recommend Michaelis to family or friends.

“I have Bill’s card on my desk right now, in case I run across someone who might need their services,” he said.