Michaelis Gets it Straightened Out

John’s 1974 Brownsburg home had developed a problem.

“We had bouncy floors,” he explains. “You’d walk across the floor and furniture would move.”

It was an issue John had been trying to fix for a long time, but each time he started to gather quotes, he says he felt like he was getting the run around from every company he contacted.

“People would come out and tell me we needed all this extra stuff. I’m 74 years old; I know what’s going on. They treated me like I was born yesterday.”

When a friend recommended Michaelis, John thought he’d give it another try.

“The gentleman came out, Dave was his name,” John recalls. “He was easy going and he said, ‘John, I’m not here to sell you a bunch of stuff.’ He crawled in the crawl space and said we needed some I-beams to support the floor.”

Michaelis’s project estimate was nearly a tenth of what another Indianapolis company had recently quoted him, John says. So he went with Michaelis and they started the job right away.

“The crew came out – they were professional, hard workers and got right to work,” he says. “They expected to be finished by Friday afternoon, but one part was giving them trouble, so they offered to come back on a Sunday to make sure it was finished on time.”

After installing steal I-beams under the crawl space and supporting them with support jacks, John says his hardwood floors are now rock solid.

“It’s just such a relief because I like to maintain everything I own,” he says. “I wanted to do this several years ago, but I knew companies were taking advantage of me. So when I found Michaelis, it was such a relief.”

“Our goal is to educate our clients on the issues they’re having and offer solutions,” says Michaelis General Manager Bill Verhonik, who oversaw John’s project. “We don’t try to sell clients on services or products they do not need. In this case, John was being oversold. The real problem wasn’t being diagnosed and he was being quoted products and services that were not needed.”

“I love working with family-owned companies and companies that tell it to you straight,” John says. “I absolutely give them an A+ on everything, and I’m recommending them to everyone I know.”