Michaelis Fixes Mold

For years, Steve had noticed a downspout problem at his home.

“Every time it rained, we got moisture in the corner of the basement,” he said. “We started having a mold problem.”

When both his wife and dog began having respiratory issues, Steve knew the problem had to be addressed. “We called two or three places, and Michaelis came out and looked at it and were very thorough in what they need to do,” he said. “It was a pretty major operation.”

Michaelis began by tearing out everything in the affected area of the basement. “There was mold behind the studs of the wall,” Steve said. There was also mold in the nearby crawlspace. After spraying and killing the mold, Michaelis got to work on waterproofing.

“They dug down about a foot and busted up the concrete, then put a drainage pipe in there,” Steve said. Next, Michaelis drilled holes in the concrete blocks to allow water to drain down into pipes, then concreted over the pipes. They put a new sump pump in the floor and another in the crawlspace. The walls along the back of the couple’s house were bowing, so Michaelis installed carbon fiber strips every five feet to secure the wall.

After the extensive work (and letting everything drain and dry for 2-3 weeks), Michaelis returned to put it all back together.

“I was very satisfied with the professionalism of Bill [Verhonik] and the entire team,” Steve said. “He was very thorough, told us exactly what he was going to do and kept us informed every step of the way.”

Steve has already given Michaelis the ultimate compliment – a referral. “My daughter had a similar problem in her home,” he said. “Bill went out and looked at it, and they ended up doing the same type of work for her.

“If you are willing to recommend a company to your family, that says a lot.”