Knocking Out a Decades-Old Problem

There had been something festering in Steve Hall’s 50-year-old Terre Haute home for several years, and he and his wife had finally had enough.

“It was a scary problem. Mold would drift up through the side walls into the windows. We would find it in our leather clothing and leather shoes and closets, and this had been going on for years,” he says.

They’d had a local company inspect it several times, and each time, the company said it wasn’t a problem. But after their cat developed a severe allergic reaction and ultimately died, and then Steve himself developed allergies, they decided to do something about it.

Referred to Michaelis by their financial advisor, the Halls had their crawl space inspected.

“David with Michaelis came out and saw moisture and mold that needed to be fixed,” Steve says. “He recommended encapsulating the crawl space and putting in a new sump and drainage system.”

“This is my 20th year doing this kind of work and I see over 650 homes a year,” says David Harting, an estimator with Michaelis. “It’s important to me that I treat the inspection and estimate like I would if it were my home or a family member’s. I do a bare minimum estimate without trying to upsell them.”

Steve says the Michaelis crew kept he and his wife updated on each step of the five-day job.

“Obviously we need to deal with the mold, but we also have to deal with the water that’s causing the mold,” David explains. “It’s a multiple step process. First, we dig a trench down the wall and put in a drain pipe and new sump pump. We let that start working and then remediate the mold by spraying a solution. After the air is a little cleaner, we go back in and encapsulate the crawl space.”

“Those guys were really good workers,” Steve says. “They showed up on time, I never saw them standing around, looking at their phones or smoking or anything. They cleaned up the area so well; we didn’t find anything left behind. Those three guys deserve a big kudos. They were very good workers and did an exceptional job.”

Steve is looking forward to this summer when he expects to notice a significant difference in air quality and his allergies. Outside of the health and safety of his home, he’s also comforted by the guarantee Michaelis provides for the work.

“I feel very confident that when they say it has a lifetime warranty, I really believe that. The work we had done was very detailed and labor intensive, so it was not cheap. I feel really good about it.”