Honesty and Integrity Showed Through

John R. was in the middle of selling his home when he first called Michaelis. The inspection report had come back with several items the sellers wanted fixed in order for the sale to move forward.

John says Michaelis responded quickly, coming to his house to repair a few roofing and foundation issues, as well as some other miscellaneous items flagged on the report. They completed the work on schedule, but it was what they didn’t do that spoke volumes.

“I had asked Nathan to fix some other random things, but after he took a look, he told me they didn’t need done,” John explained. “I was honestly shocked. He could have taken me for a few extra thousand dollars. I wouldn’t have had any idea they didn’t need repaired. I’m so grateful he was honest and upfront about it. He saved me a lot of money.”

But John says Nathan’s – and the whole company’s – integrity didn’t end there.

John closed on the home in early March 2020. After a weekend of heavy rain following the closing, the new homeowner found water in the basement. John’s realtor contacted him to let him know the new homeowner thought it was a faulty sump pump.

“I was freaking out,” John said.

Little did he know, the new homeowner had called Michaelis too, and the company sent Nathan and the project manager out to check on the situation.

“They went above and beyond in doing that,” John said. “They vouched for me that the sump pump was working when they were there completing the work on the inspection report.”

“While we were out doing our initial work on John’s home, we had an extremely rainy weekend – about five inches of rain in just a few days,” Nathan recalled. “I went by John’s home to check on some of the other work we had completed and went down in the basement to be sure all was well there too. The sump pump was working great.”

Nathan provided John with a written report to verify the sump pump had been working at the time of sale, he says.

“Everything that he and the whole crew have done – and not done – has exceeded my expectations. They’ve gone above and beyond. It’s always nice to work with someone who is honest. I’m really appreciative and definitely going to be using them again. They’ll be my first call, whether it’s something planned or in an emergency.”