Home Inspection Identifies Major Water Issues

February 2019 was a particularly wet month in the Indianapolis area. Snow and ice melt, coupled with rain, left many homeowners with water issues. Michaelis customer Celeste shared her experience.

In February 2019, Celeste and her husband were in the process of quickly relocating to Florida due to a job transfer. In just two weeks’ time, they sold their home, purchased a new one, and sadly received news that her husband’s father had passed away. A few days later while still in Florida, Celeste got a call that during the Indianapolis home’s inspection, the inspector found “a few puddles of water” in her crawl space and noted that the sump pump was inoperational. Celeste contacted a handyman to replace the sump pump… but it wasn’t done correctly and shorted out.

“By the time our realtor got someone else there to reinspect it, there was water coming in on one side of the crawl space. They quoted us $20,000 to repair our crawl space and basement,” Celeste says. “I was devastated. I had sold this house and bought another, and my husband was dealing with his father’s death. We had just bought this house a year and a half ago with a clean inspection.”

“I called Michaelis, and the owner called me right back because he lived near me. He went over to check it out and said, ‘You don’t have puddles, you now have water,’ she recalls. “The next morning, the crew from Michaelis came out, and when they opened the crawl space lid, water was all the way up to the top of the lid.”

The job required the Michaelis Corporation crew to install a French drain and dig out around the foundation to install drainage pipes that took the pressure off the outside. Celeste says it took a full day and night to pump out the water. The Michaelis crew then ripped out the insulation, poured new gravel, and cleaned up mold that had begun to grow.

“It was freezing cold, below zero. They were in our crawl space for four days,” Celeste says. “They had it ready for closing and even allowed us to pay out of our closing funds. It cost us less than half of what we were quoted by another company, and we were still able to walk away with a little money from the sale of our house.”

“I have NEVER worked with a company that was so responsive and jumped right in to help us out in a horrible situation. They bent over backwards to make our lives a bit easier, and I cannot thank them enough.”