Helping Get Rid of Unwelcome Visitors

Karen Burkhart contacted Michaelis in April 2020 when some unwelcome visitors took residence in her home.

“We were having some problems with termites,” she explained. “We found them in our kitchen and had Terminex come out to treat for them.”

Terminex wanted to do a more in-depth inspection, but foam insulation the Burkharts had in their crawl space below the kitchen prevented the company from fully examining the space. So the Burkharts called Michaelis to help remove the insulation.

“They did a super job. They were able to get to us right away, and kept us informed of what was going on,” Karen said. “They did a marvelous job cleaning up after themselves, which we were grateful for.”

“Once we got into the crawl space, our crew scraped the foam insulation off the cinder blocks and wood from every other floor joist,” said Bart Fisher, who served as Michaelis’ estimator and project manager for the Burkharts. “It was about 2,000 square feet of crawl space, so not a small space we were working with.”

Unfortunately, once Michaelis got the foam insulation out of the Burkhart’s crawl space, Terminex found more termites, but it allowed them to fully treat the Burkhart’s home and hopefully keep their visitors from making a repeat visit.