Foundation Repair for a Deflecting Wall

 When Brad and his wife purchased their home six years ago, they knew one of their outside walls was deflecting, or bowing out. Their home inspector said it wouldn’t be an issue, but the problem worsened over time. As the couple prepared to sell their house, they knew it had to be fixed.

“My real estate agent recommended Michaelis,” Brad said. “She refers many of her clients to them.”

Michaelis’ Dell Phillips came and performed a thorough assessment to identify exactly what was wrong. In addition to the deflecting wall, Dell discovered the garage had settled and was starting to separate from the 60-year-old house. “We hadn’t noticed it, and I was impressed that he found it,” Brad said.

After the assessment, Dell returned with his report and recommendations on what to fix, along with a formal quote.

“I like Michaelis’ demeanor,” Brad said. “They tell you upfront what the problem is, and they also tell you what could be potential problems down the pike. It’s all laid out in the quote.”

About a week later, the Michaelis team was hard at work, jackhammering around the perimeter of the basement, laying PVC pipe to deal with drainage and installing two new sump pumps to direct water outside. They also dug a trench outside and installed a big steel plate, along with screws in the wall to stop the wall from deflecting.

“I was surprised it didn’t take that long,” Brad said, noting that Michaelis employees were very efficient and the work was done in a little over a week. “The team was good. They knew what they were doing and were very diligent.”

Brad said he was also impressed with Dell, the team lead. “Dell is extremely professional with a good sense of humor. He’s compassionate, understanding and knowledgeable.”

With the deflecting wall repaired, Brad and his wife were able to sell their home. They will keep Michaelis in mind if the need arises again.

“I like the way does Michaelis does business,” Brad said. “I think it is more ethical than some of their competitors.”