Buckled Hardwoods Uncover a Major Problem

During the week of Thanksgiving 2019, Clarissa Durazzo was in her kitchen when she noticed her hardwood floor was buckled. She pulled up the board and was shocked at what she saw: water standing on the subfloor.

She traced the water to her dishwasher. A call to repair it led to identification of a leak at least two months old. So Clarissa called her insurance company, and her insurance adjuster recommended she call Michaelis to have them take a look at the damage.

Upon inspecting Clarissa’s house, Michaelis found not just kitchen flooring in need of repair, but much, much more. There was mold growing in the crawl space, which was located just beneath the dishwasher.

“They had to rip out half of my kitchen, including part of the wall where the dishwasher was,” Clarissa recalled. “I went to stay in a hotel while they got all the mold out.”

The mold remediation involved Michaelis tarping off the affected areas to keep the mold from spreading. Then they removed the impacted areas, and followed up with spraying everything to ensure the mold didn’t spread. The Michaelis team installed a new vapor barrier in the crawl space and tested for several days after they were done to make sure the mold was all gone.

“Michaelis was really great. Their quote was good and they worked really closely with my claims adjuster,” Clarissa said. “I felt very secure that everything was getting handled appropriately. People worry about things getting broken, but I felt very comfortable handing over my home to them. James handled everything and kept me updated on the progress every day.”

She credits James, her project manager, with handling all logistics and ensuring it ran smoothly.

“It’s important to us that we take care of all the headaches for our customers,” James said. “This project involved working with nine different specialists, as well as the insurance adjuster. We took care of all the mold remediation in-house and then scheduled and oversaw the subrogation, industrial hygienists, plumbing, flooring, granite, cabinetry, painting and cleaning.”

The entire project took two weeks. It finished on schedule, without delay. Clarissa says Michaelis not only cleaned up the mold and repaired her kitchen, but they left her home completely clean, with everything back in its place.