An Unusual Odor in the Crawl Space

In 2018, Bob and his wife Teresa began smelling an odor in their linen closet. After several attempts to get rid of it, they decided to call Michaelis Corporation to check it out. Upon inspection, Michaelis discovered the couple had raw sewage in their crawl space.

“We were at a loss on what to do next and what all was involved in getting this rectified,” Bob says. “It may sound corny, but in came James Porter to save the day!”

Porter, a Mitigation / Emergency Services Manager with Michaelis, and his team got to work.

“They showed up in hazmat suits and all, and they began the restoration process. They were timely, professional, respectful of our property, and overall just nice guys,” Bob says. “Something that is rare in business today.”

But through all of this, Bob and his wife feared what would happen with insurance.

“Luckily we have USAA insurance, which was great to work with, however we did very little with them, as Mr. Porter took care of that as well,” Bob recalls. “Quite frankly, we were in shock that through this “ordeal”, there was very little we had to do because Mr. Porter was always at our rescue. For the older couple that we are, it was so refreshing to have this kind of assistance.”

Bob says Porter ensured he and his wife had a place to stay during the renovation and kept them up to date almost daily on the progress.

“His follow-up was amazing,” he said. “If we text him, we got a reply within minutes. If he said something was going to be done, it WAS! As I’m sure you hear often, that kind of customer service just doesn’t exist nowadays.”  

At the completion of the restoration, which included a plumber, complete HVAC work, and electricians, Porter did a walk-through with Bob and his wife to ensure they understood the work that was completed and that everything was done to their satisfaction.

“That probably meant the most to us that someone actually wanted to know who this client was and that we were actually satisfied with the work done. Again…unheard of. Mr. Porter and Michaelis made a devastating situation for this “old” couple essentially worry free. His professionalism, quick response, attention to detail, and even his humor got us through it.”