An Experience Like None Other

“My experience with contractors is that they give you the quote, they make promises that they’ll be here on this day and always have a foreman here…and none of that stuff ever happens. There’s always overruns and additional costs, and we spend a lot of time cleaning up debris that they say they’re going to take care of.”

That’s how Greg Gallaway describes his experience having work done at his house over the last 10 years. So when he found a leak in his finished basement last year, he thought he was in for another round of chasing down contractors.

“My brother-in-law was a contractor and he highly recommended Michaelis, so I called them, and Dell Philips came out. He listened to my story and agreed with where I thought the water was coming in, but said he wouldn’t know until they got in there. He gave me a quote that was reasonable. He said he’d have some guys here at 8 o’clock Monday morning. His guys were there at 8:01.”

Astonished by their punctuality, Greg says it didn’t stop there.

“I was working with Jody and this guy, my gosh, is so professional. The thing that blew us away was that they enclosed the whole area. I knew it was going to be dusty dealing with drywall, but they enclosed the entire area. I could walk down there any day, and outside of the plastic they put up, I wouldn’t have even known they were there.”

“We treat their home like our own,” explains Jody Niemantsverdriet, a carpenter with Michaelis. “The first thing we do is set up a containment [zone], from the ceiling to the floor with plastic, and then we have a zipper for the doorway, so that seals off everything. We carry air scrubbers that clean the air and keep down the dust in the area where we’re doing the work, so that helps keep the air clean outside the containment area. We lay down tarps and vacuum when we’re done.”

Every step of the way, Greg says Jody kept him abreast of the work that was happening. He would show him what he uncovered and what he was going to do. And he finished on time in four days.

“He went the extra step,” Greg says. “There was a corner that had a couple dings and he patched and painted those as well while he did the other wall. He cleaned up everything when he left to the point you couldn’t tell we ever had a project started.”

About three months later after a weekend of heavy rain, another part of the basement sprung a leak. Greg says he called Michaelis back and asked for Dell and Jody again.

“Dell came right out with a quote for the other half of the wall. I specifically asked for Jody because I’m not used to having things done this way. Jody said it would take three days, which sounded aggressive, but they knocked it out in three days. It was just amazing.”

Again, Greg was impressed with the team’s communication.

“Showing the homeowner what we find and what we’re about to do makes sure we’re on the same page and puts their heart at ease,” Jody explains. “People have a lot of questions because it’s their home. It’s a big investment and people want to know what’s happening to it.”

And as for Greg’s basement?

“It’s been dry as a bone,” Greg says. “You know, we put money into refinishing the basement, and so I was willing to pay for it to be done right. But what got me to come back the second time is their professionalism. It’s so important to me that people do what they say they’re going to do. With these guys, everything they said, they did.”