A Roof Leak is No Problem for Michaelis

 In November 2020, Chris Lewis was standing in his kitchen and noticed a spot on his ceiling.

“We figured we had a roof leak,” he explained. “I crawled up in the attic, and sure enough, I found a roof leak. And so that’s when I thought, ‘Well I’ll just call Michaelis to see if this is something they can fix.'”

Chris explained he had heard about Michaelis from the Home and Garden radio show.

“Pat Sullivan and Denny Smith always have a lot of good things to say about them. They’re known to be an all-in-one shop. Roof leak, they can handle that. Remediation or rebuilding? They’re the place to go. So that’s why I gave them a try.”

He was nervous about the extent of the damage and the cost, but just a few days after calling Michaelis, Chris says Rick Michaelis Jr. showed up to inspect the issue and provided reassurance.

“It’s interesting when one of the owners comes out himself. He came out and was great. He figured out right away that there was an issue with a rogue nail and said they could easily repair that. He was very reassuring, and the price was good.”

A few days later, Michaelis Project Manager Patrick McNair came out to get a parts list to start the cleanup and repair, and Chris says the work was finished within two weeks.

“There was a little bit of microbial growth where the water had been leaking in, so we remediated that, cleaned up the attic, and then repaired the roof to keep it watertight,” Patrick explained.

“Patrick was real easy to work with, very friendly, and the crew was very clean. They didn’t disrupt us; in fact, my wife didn’t even know the roofers were there until they were almost finished for the day,” Chris recalled. “I was very happy because you never know what you’re going to get.”

Chris says he’s so pleased with the job Michaelis did, he has already contacted the company about remodeling their garage.