A Long-Term Solution to a Wet Basement

We have lived in our 1960s Carmel home for almost seven years, and over time, we noticed water somehow getting into our basement and soaking the carpeted floor. It seemed like every time it would rain, we had water to deal with. Because it was a finished basement that we actually used, we would rent industrial fans to dry it out. We put gutter guards on our gutters to ensure the water was moving away from our home, and yet the rain still kept coming in. We eventually pulled up the carpet, moved out the furniture and stopped using the basement. But even still, we were concerned that mold would begin to grow in the walls. We knew we needed to find a long-term solution, which is how Michaelis came into our lives.

In October 2019, we had two foundation companies – Michaelis and another – examine our situation and give us estimates. We felt so comfortable with Michaelis, so we chose them. The work to fix our foundation and waterproof our basement took a total of three weeks, and we decided to stay in our home during the project because we have dogs and two young children.

Over the course of three weeks, Michaelis jackhammered around the interior perimeter of our basement and installed a sump pump and an interior perimeter drainage system. It was a big project – very loud, dirty and full of dust. The Michaelis crew was amazing. The guys were so kind and respectful and kept everything to a minimum, putting plastic down on the floors so as not to track stuff in and out. By 4:00 each day, they were wrapping up unless we were okay with them staying longer. Everything went exactly as planned with the small exception of the placement of the pipe in our yard. We wanted it somewhere else, so the crew rerouted it to a different place that wasn’t as visible. Again, they were so kind and communicated every step of the way. In all, there weren’t any surprises. We never felt like they had other projects going on and ours wasn’t a priority. The guys were committed every single day to the hard, laborious, dirty work it entailed. Our project manager Dell even came out on two separate occasions to make sure it was finished to our expectations.

There have been numerous downpours and days of heavy rain, including a weekend in early January when it rained five inches. Our basement has been dry with not a single drop of water. It’s amazing. It used to be such a worry every time it would rain, and now we can go on living our lives and enjoying our home with our children.