A Flooded Basement Threatens to Ruin a 99th Birthday

Virginia’s 99th birthday was just a few days away when a strange January weekend brought five inches of rain to Indianapolis. On a weekend that she should have spent celebrating with friends and family, she was instead calling her family to report a flooded basement.

“Saturday morning the basement was dry, and by Sunday morning, there were about six inches of water in her basement,” said Kathy, Virginia’s daughter-in-law. “A year and a half ago, we had a major fire at our house. Our insurance company gave us a list of companies to work with. We knew the Michaelis family through our neighborhood. We were out of our house for eight months. Michaelis took and stored and cleaned everything – furniture, chandeliers, etcetera. They did everything from demolition to reconstruction and cleaned up our belongings. We’re still in touch with our project manager, he was just super. Now I can’t imagine using anyone else. So we called them for my mother-in-law because we knew they would take care of everything.”

First thing Monday morning, her 99th birthday, Virginia’s son called Michaelis. Within two hours, Michaelis – and other professionals – were there. They had a plumber replace Virginia’s sump pump, which turned out to be the root cause of the flooding, and Michaelis got everything dried out. The Michaelis team sat with Virginia as she instructed them which wet belongings could be thrown away and what she wanted to keep.

“I collect antique clothing, so my basement floor was covered with boxes of hats and shoes and different accompaniments. We had to get rid of a lot of the hats,” Virginia explained.

After the Michaelis team extracted the water and removed her carpeting, they removed the baseboards and inspected the walls for moisture. They then placed the high-velocity fans, dehumidifiers and air scrubbers to completely dry out the basement.

“Before leaving for the day, we sprayed an antimicrobial because it inhibits potential microbial growth and helps with any odors,” explained Michaelis Mitigation/Emergency Services Manager James Porter. “After that, we returned daily for the next three days to monitor the drying conditions and take moisture readings. We were able to certify her basement dry in three days and give her her basement back.”

The ordeal caused her to cancel her birthday lunch with a girlfriend, and instead of her son and daughter-in-law taking her out to dinner, they just brought dinner over.

“Maybe it was a good celebration to get it fixed,” Virginia said. “I highly recommend Michaelis and would have them back any time. Though I hope I don’t have to.”