Basement Waterproofing

Basement & Crawlspace Waterproofing

As one of the area’s most competent and respected basement waterproofing contractors, Michaelis is your one-source solution for basement moisture issues or basement leak repair. Damp, musty, or wet basements can lead to structural damage, mold, biological substances, and even termite problems which can create the need for expensive repairs down the road due to structural weaknesses that would require repair by wall anchors and carbon fibers. Wet basements can also damage valuable living space or limit storage space.

Michaelis can keep basement areas dry and free of these pitfalls including future basement leaking and basement mold, mildew and biological substances. With our proven basement waterproofing system and sump pumps, you can avoid moisture in the basement along with all the unpleasant odors and nuisances that come with it. Choose the most popular waterproofing contractor in the business. Choose Michaelis.

But we don’t stop at fixing wet or leaky basements. Crawlspace waterproofing, French drains, vapor barriers and encapsulation are also specialties of ours. Preventing crawlspace moisture is key to keeping health issues caused by mold, mildew and biological substances at bay. Our crawlspace waterproofing procedures keep groundwater from rising up and causing excessive water to sit on the crawlspace floor, which in turn causes water damages and structural damages. By controlling excessive water in the crawlspace we can lock out moisture and get rid of your wet crawlspace concerns for good. Our system addresses surface water issues with our weep holes. We install quality vapor barriers and in some cases recommend encapsulation. When necessary, we also perform main beam replacements along with crucial repairing of wood damage to sill plates, floor joists and band boards.

It is critical to inspect the property to properly diagnose the source of the water intrusion and to determine the means of solving a water problem in a basement or crawlspace.

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