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You see other people that have fires and you are like, you never really think how it affects you. But it’s like, when you get that call from your wife and your house is on fire and, it’s just you sit there and you wait for the fire department and you see your house burning and there is no worse feeling then waiting for them to get water on your house.

And you know what, every week, every week on my radio show: 844-FIX-INDY. I tell everyone else, and I’m like, well, I need to call 844-FIX-INDY.

They were there before the hoses were even rolled up. They got there, all of sudden phones, everybody’s on the phone, the trucks start rolling, the equipment starts coming in. It really makes you feel good and then they really make you feel like it is going to be OK because all you see is your entire life and your possessions going up in smoke. Kind of interesting too, one of the head fire chief or the battalion captain he goes “hey you know you need to get a restoration company”. I said well I called Michaelis and he goes “oh good,” he goes, “they are the real deal”.

In our case they call it a complete pack out. They take every possession out of your house and you just have to kind of stand there, but knowing, once you get to know their people and you are introduced every step of the way, every Michaelis contact they really tell you what’s going on and this is what we are doing next, and to have someone inventory every item that you own and photograph it and make all of those lists for you. I can’t imagine if I had to tell the insurance company exactly what it is I owned and need to be reimbursed. They did all that for you. It is literally full service.

When you get to the general contracting stage and they are rebuilding it, there’s always those little things and usually what you would say, this switch wasn’t here and they will go “yeah you are right I remember taking a picture of that”…there was never any…they just come back and say hey we will take care of that.

Watching Michaelis chase odors; you think you get everything done and then…I think their noses are more sensitive than my wife’s because they are chasing those odors and doing different things and bringing in other machines and I am like I don’t smell anything, but they do. Really, really complete.

I know a lot of great guys, but when your house is on fire and you want it rebuilt, I don’t want to wait three months for that guy to get off another job. Michaelis is just large enough, small enough to still be that family business, but large enough to have contacts and resources and subs and their own people to get big jobs done.


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